About us

We’re an accountancy firm based in London, offering a range of services from audit to business advice.

Our two offices, in Central and East London, support clients across the South East of England and the UK.

When you choose to work with AudTax you’ll get the support of a team of dedicated, highly responsive accountants and auditors with years of experience working with businesses like yours.

Who we are

Over the years, we have recruited a team whose members have complementary skills and their own special areas of expertise – but all with a shared focus on giving the best possible service to growing businesses. From accounting to bookkeeping to audit, we’re passionate about what we do and dedicated to delivering quality work.

You’ll appreciate the difference

There are three key things our clients identify as the clearest benefits of working with AudTax.


We’re always available, ready to listen and to offer advice.


Our attention to detail – you won’t waste time checking our work.


The depth of our technical knowledge around tax.

Boosting your capacity

Are you striving to grow an established business or fighting to get a new venture off the ground? We can provide the extra hands and additional brainpower you need to make it happen. That could mean taking care of your bookkeeping and payroll so you can scratch it from your own to-do list every month, or it might be about providing support and challenge as you plan the next five years of growth.

The client experience

Putting the client at the centre of our work drives us to do things differently. Regular reviews and feedback are built into our processes so we can make sure we’re giving you exactly what you need, at the right time, in a way that works for you. We have tried-and-tested systems but they’re never set in stone – if there are tweaks that will make life easier for you, we’re always happy to flex. That attitude is how we’ve managed to build long-term relationships with clients all over the UK.

It’s easy to switch to us

Step one


Once you’ve made contact we’ll ask a few questions and, more importantly, listen to your story, business goals and needs. What can we do to help?

Step two


We’ll agree which services you need from us and agree fees and details of how we’ll work together. It will all be in plain English with no hidden charges or terms.

Step three


Finally, we’ll take care of the formalities and paperwork of notifying your previous accountant and moving your accounts over to our care.

Accounting services

Whatever your business needs, AudTax has the experience and expertise


Bookkeeping for business

Payroll management and processing


Year-end accounts
and corporation tax


Management accounting


VAT returns and registrations


Income tax self-assessment returns


Tax planning and strategic advice


Audit support and compliance


Company secretarial support and advice


Company formation and registration

Always there for you

We always come back to one question: how can we help you find more time to work on your business? In practice, that means stepping up to take care of tasks such as bookkeeping and the tracking of debits and credits on your behalf. It’s also about responding promptly and clearly when you need advice so you can keep up your momentum. Or, even better, we’ll come to you with solutions before you’ve even realised there’s a problem to be solved. For more information on how we can meet your accounting, tax and business finance needs…

"AudTax has been amazing. I would have honestly been lost without their tax guidance and expertise. They are patient with some of my lacking knowledge and very responsive on both email and calls”.

Natalie Marshall

"It is great to hear back from your accountant within 1-2 days and Audtax should be awarded for that! Great price compared with other high street accountants and better service”.

Kieran Humphreys

“AudTax understands my business and has helped me with effectively structuring my finances. As a small business, it’s not easy to find accountants that are responsive and professional. Would highly recommend”