If you opt for Audtax’s bookkeeping services you simply give us your bank statements, receipts and invoices every month or quarter. We’ll then take care of all the bookkeeping and if you’re VAT registered then we’ll submit your VAT returns. Our price starts from £15 per hour only.

We can help if you:

Wish to outsource the complete bookkeeping function & other relevant services.

Are seeking advice on your bookkeeping process.

Require support in organising your records prior to the preparation of financial statements.

If you are VAT registered, we can help you with all required areas:

Provide VAT advice & advice on VAT schemes suitable for your business

Help you registering for VAT

Calculate your VAT

Prepare and file your VAT Return

If necessary we can de-register you from VAT

We also provide onsite bookkeeping & VAT services. Please contact our team to get more info.