Accounting and Bookkeeping Services for an AI-enabled Workforce Skills Company

About LearnerShape

LearnerShape is a London-based AI-enabled workforce skills company that excels at enabling flexible approaches through AI, blockchain, microservices architecture, and other technologies. It has grown remarkably well in recent years and has received excellent client reviews.

Currently, LearnerShape is using AI to build the world’s first open-source learning infrastructure, and delivering the innovative PlaylistBuilder YouTune curation application. 

Lily Innovation assists companies and investors in realising value from technology, intellectual property, and other assets through innovative transactions and strategies.

Accountancy Services for a workforce skills company

What did they need?

As part of the growing AI workforce, Maury (director of both Lily and LearnerShape) needed help with accountancy, payroll, and R&D tax claims from a team with the right knowledge and experience in the AI industry. That’s where we came in.

How did we help?

We immediately took over the LearnerShape & Lily accounts, organised bookkeeping on Xero and QuickBooks accounting software. From there, we came up with a plan and had deep discussions with Maury to ensure the books stayed in order.

We now provide regular accounting support, prepare and file VAT returns and process payroll, and prepare annual accounts for both companies. We also handle all R&D tax calculations for LearnerShape and help the company save more profits through the government R&D tax relief.

We also update Maury on any upcoming changes in taxes and HMRC cases relating to the AI industry. The two companies no longer need to worry about accounting, as they can see how we have organised everything and trust the work we do. Maury now focuses on growing his business, and we hope to see him grow faster and reach new heights of success.

What did they think?

Maury (Director of both Lily Innovation and LearnerShape)

Very professional work on accounts for our start-up at a very reasonable price. We have assigned more work to AudTax as we built trust with them, and they have become our go-to firm on all UK business and personal accounting and tax issues.