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Welcome to AudTax, specialist accountants for interior designers

At AudTax, we are an attentive team of accountants and tax consultants specialising in interior design accounting services. Our team has a diverse range of skills and their own areas of expertise, but we share one common goal: to provide the best service possible to growing businesses.

We provide a comprehensive range of services tailored to the unique needs of interior design businesses, from handling a complex sales invoice to managing business accounts.

Discover the difference of accounting with AudTax:

  1. Always available, ready to listen and offer advice
  2. An acute eye for detail and ensuring accuracy
  3. Extensive proficiency in tax

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Whether you’re a small business, a self-employed interior designer or an established consultancy firm, we recognise that each sector has its own challenges and requirements. We understand your business, and we’ll ensure your needs are our top priority.

Accountants for interior design companies

As your company grows, the challenges around managing day-to-day finances grow with it. With the help of our meticulous interior designer accountants, you will soon see your business flourish.

While our team focuses on the financial intricacies, you’ll have more time to focus on client connections and the added peace of mind that your finances are in good hands.

Accountants for self-employed interior designers

Being self-employed has many tax benefits. However, as a solo business person, you may struggle to find the time to stay on top of your client invoices, let alone your tax obligations. That’s where we come in.

Our expert accountants for interior designers not only give you back some of your precious time but also provide strategic tax planning to help you save money.

Accountants for interior design consultants

Ensuring the financial health of your interior design consultancy firm is critical for long-term success, which is why our accounting services can be a valuable asset. While you’re busy building connections and growing your clientele, our team will handle the finances.

Why is accounting for interior designers different?

When it comes to interior design, accounting may look somewhat different from other industries. This is due to the intricate elements of the interior design business. From markup fees to VAT returns, handling the financial ins and outs of these unique aspects can be challenging for busy interior design business owners.

Another tricky aspect to consider is invoicing. With many interior design firms handling procurement and purchasing for their clients, this often raises the question of “How does invoicing work?”.

Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Sales invoice: This is the total amount you charge your client for your design services (including project fees, hourly rates and any additional charges).
  • Purchase invoice (or supplier invoice): This is the amount you owe your suppliers and vendors for the goods and services they provide so you can fulfil your service.
  • Disbursement invoice: This is a slightly more complex type of invoice, which allows you to bill clients for any expenses you incurred on their behalf, such as furniture or delivery charges.

At AudTax, we will guide you through the complexities of invoices, ensuring you are paid correctly and that all income and expenses are recorded accurately.

Our accounting services for interior designers

At AudTax, we understand that, as an interior designer, your passion lies in transforming spaces and maintaining client satisfaction. While this is your area of expertise, know that ours is ensuring the financial health of your interior design firm.

Our interior designer accountants strive for the success of your business, offering quality accounting solutions that can be tailored to your evolving needs.


Gain a clearer overview of your finances so you can budget for new expenses like CAD software and sketching tools. Our meticulous bookkeeping services for interior designers ensure accurate and up-to-date record keeping of important transactions.

Like many interior designers, we use industry-specific software to enhance our clients’ experiences. Our online accounting software focuses on financial accuracy and streamlining the bookkeeping process. We’ll find the right cloud accounting solution so you can access your financial data anywhere and even collaborate with us remotely.

Tax planning

With ever-changing tax regulations and ongoing responsibility, our skilled interior designer accountants will minimise your tax burden. We rely on our industry-specific knowledge and experience to provide a strategic tax planning service tailored to you and your business.

We focus on technical precision when it comes to tax. We’ll ensure your taxes are carefully maintained and create strategic future plans, putting you in control of your finances. By identifying the most suitable tax reliefs and benefits for your agency and ensuring proper tax filing, we’re helping you make greater savings to grow your business, all while keeping you compliant.


Whether your interior design business is edging closer to the VAT threshold or you are already VAT-registered and need ongoing support, our team will guide you through.

Our dedicated accountants for interior designers act on your behalf, taking care of VAT registration and ensuring that your VAT returns are submitted accurately and on time. We’ll also help you navigate the complexities of disbursement and ensure that you are charging VAT correctly for all aspects of your design services.

Thanks to our VAT services, you’ll have more time and less stress as we handle the admin work and make sure that your business stays compliant with VAT rules.

Business growth

With a clearer understanding of your finances, you can make confident, data-driven decisions that lead to long-term success. As specialist accountants for interior designers, we’re not only experts in numbers and finance, but we are also familiar with your industry and understand the unique challenges and opportunities you face.

Entering new markets and hiring new staff can be daunting and risky, but it also drives growth. With our expertise and specialist support, we’ll ensure you have a solid understanding of your financial situation with insightful financial reports and projections.

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Why choose AudTax?

At AudTax, we believe that a strategic financial plan is key to driving growth and revenue for interior designers. Our accountants are always on hand to answer questions and provide insightful advice so you can be confident when making financial decisions.

If you’re looking for specialist accounting for your interior design business, why not book a call? Simply fill out your contact details and tell us about your current situation, and one of our accountants will contact you.

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