Accountants for Marketing Agencies

You are the mastermind behind brilliant marketing campaigns. But are you using your financial data to maximise your ROI? As expert accountants for marketing agencies, we’ll provide you with the insights you need to create compelling growth strategies.

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Welcome to Audtax, specialist accountants for design and marketing agencies

At AudTax, we’re a UK accounting firm offering top-tier accounting and tax solutions, finely tuned for the broad needs of marketing agencies. Our dedicated services have been carefully crafted to cater to various marketing companies, including digital agencies and creative design firms.

Whether you’re a startup, small business, or established marketing agency, AudTax accounting services are here to help you move your company in the right direction. With our team working behind the scenes to crunch numbers and identify industry-specific tax reliefs, you will be free to focus on growing your business and winning new clients.

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Accountants for digital marketing agencies

Working in the digital marketing industry, you should have plenty of experience with spreadsheets and numbers but probably lack the time and expertise to apply them to your finances. That is why we offer our tailored accounting services to digital marketing agencies.

With our expertise in tax and financial planning, we’ll enable your business to thrive in today’s digital landscape.

Accountants for marketing professionals

Working for yourself isn’t always easy, and sometimes, you could use a helping hand. Whether you’re a freelance marketer or a marketing consultant, our services make accounting processes easier and give you more time to focus on delivering exceptional marketing services to your clients.

Accountants for creative and design agencies

We understand that managing finances isn’t the most thrilling, especially for creative minds. Let us handle your financial management, from providing project-based budgets to ensuring careful expense tracking. Gain back the time and money you need to unleash your creative potential.

Why is accounting crucial for a marketing agency?

Accounting plays a crucial role in many industries. It enables businesses to create accurate budgets and make important financial decisions. When it comes to marketing, accounting can be highly beneficial since many marketing agencies rely on pricy industry software and technology to fulfil their services.

Professional accounting support from the team at AudTax will help marketing agencies understand their financial situation. Our services will provide you with the information and guidance needed to make confident decisions, make the most of your budget, and, ultimately, help you achieve your goals.

Our accounting services for design and marketing agencies

Our top priority is to create a strategic plan to keep your marketing firm in the ‘good books’ with HMRC, which not only keeps you compliant but also enables you to gain a clear view of your financial status.

As accountants for marketing agencies, we offer a comprehensive range of services for businesses and self-employed marketers across the sector. From payroll processing to monthly management accounts, our teams are skilled in providing expert accounting solutions tailored to the needs of your marketing company.

Bookkeeping services

Stay on top of your finances with our precise bookkeeping services. We’ll ensure that every invoice and every business expense is recorded in an orderly manner. With accurate and up-to-date bookkeeping, your marketing agency will be in the right place to submit tax returns and create budgets.

We’ll use your bookkeeping data to fuel the rest of our accounting services, ensuring insightful cash flow forecasting and KPI reports.

Cloud accounting software

Keep your business finances secure and benefit from effortless access everywhere you go. As a digital marketing firm, you’ll understand the importance of keeping up with the latest technology and advanced software.

At AudTax, we have plenty of experience with cloud accounting and offer an array of seamless software integrations, including Xero, QuickBooks, FreeAgent, Sage Accounting and Dext. We are even a Xero-certified advisor.

We’ll identify the most suitable accounting software and integrate it into your everyday processes.


Running a marketing agency and balancing the particularities of industry-specific payroll processing can be tricky and time-consuming. Many marketing agencies tend to adopt modern practices, like incentivising employees with sales-based commissions to bring in new clients and offering overtime pay to meet strict project deadlines. There’s also the added complexities of hiring freelancers and contractors to facilitate larger marketing campaigns.

Our bespoke payroll services for marketing agencies are designed to support the unique payroll tasks your business faces. We’re here to save you valuable time by alleviating the burden of everyday administrative tasks, saving money by minimising your employer tax liability, and keeping your marketing team happy by ensuring they are paid accurately and on time.

So, if you need extra support managing payroll, why not outsource to one of our experts?

Tax planning

Our tailored tax planning services are here to turn your tax challenges into opportunities for strategic growth. In addition to making sure your business is in the best position to submit tax returns on time, we’ll ensure maximum tax savings by identifying the most suitable tax credits and reliefs available to your marketing agency.

Business growth

Discover your full potential with strategic financial planning and actionable insights to help your business strive towards its goals. We understand just how crucial Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are to the success of digital marketing agencies, and our services can play a leading role in helping you track them.

With an eye for detail and access to the most modern software, we’ll ensure your financial data is pristine, allowing for reliable calculations and an understanding of KPIs. We’ll also help you identify clients who significantly contribute to your profits so you can prioritise work and adjust your pricing models as needed.

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