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We are accountants for nurses working in the UK and offer exceptional accounting and financial advice to healthcare practitioners.

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Welcome to Audtax, specialist accountant for nurses & healthcare professionals

We are specialist accountants for nurses and healthcare professionals and can assist with your tax and financial affairs.

Our team of fully qualified accountants can help with issues as simple as completing a tax return or self-assessment, to tasks as complex as tax planning, partnership arrangements and company formation with multiple income sources. Whatever you need; we have the experience and expertise to provide it.

Audtax accounting services for nurses

UK nurses provide amazing client services and we are so proud to offer a dedicated professional accounting service specifically for this profession.

Our accounting and tax services are second to none and offered at great value for money. At Audtax, we are experienced in working with a range of staff within the NHS and contractors, no matter their level. From locum doctors to hospital consultants and pharmacists, we offer every client we have in this sector the same impressive service.

We have an initial consultation and then look at aspects like National Insurance Contributions and taxes, as well as salary and expenses. All of these can have an impact on individual finances and we aim to maximise these for our clients.

How do agency nurses pay tax?

Agency nurses typically work through a specific agency. If this is the case then they go through a reasonably normal process of paying tax and National Insurance. In these sectors, whether working through the NHS or with private patients it should be the same. In these situations, tax affairs are pretty much streamlined, and completed for you.

However, advice from our company accountants on an individual basis can still assist you and help you reduce your tax liabilities significantly.

Our accounting fees and packages for nurses

At Audtax we offer 2 different accounting packages specifically for nurses. Please see these below and contact us for more information and advice.

Accounting Services for Nurses £95+ VAT PM £125 + VAT PM £150 + VAT PM
Preparation of Year End Accounts & Corporation Tax (CT600)* Yes Yes Yes
Quarterly Management Accounts & Dividend Calculation No Yes Yes
Quarterly Advise on Expenses No Yes Yes
Preparation & Submission of VAT Returns Yes Yes Yes
Dealing with HMRC Yes Yes Yes
Dealing with Companies House Yes Yes Yes
Advise on Quarterly/Monthly PAYE Yes Yes Yes
Electronic filing of Payroll through RTI Yes Yes Yes
Ongoing Tax & Accountancy advice Yes Yes Yes
Yearly Dividend Calculation Yes Yes Yes
Payslips administration for 1 employee Yes Yes Yes
Access to Online Accounting Portal Yes Yes Yes
Higher Rate Tax Calculation & Advice No Yes Yes
Monthly Expenses Suggestion No Yes Yes
Extra Payroll for Employees No Yes Yes
Unlimited Emails & Meetings Yes Yes Yes
Raising & Sending Invoices No No Yes
Monthly Bookkeeping Update and Dividend Advice No No Yes
*If you would like us to complete your company yearend accounts we simply ask that you have been a client of AudTax for one year or have made 12 monthly payments.

Can nurses be self-employed?

Nurses can also be self-employed as a sole trader, which is especially beneficial during these uncertain times. It does involve some bookkeeping and completing tax returns, but can be a tax efficient way to operate for medical professionals.

Whatever kind of clients you are working with, the advice of our accounting services could help. We can assist with any issues that self-employed workers find with their finances.

Can nurses work as limited company?

Nurses can work as a limited company, and this is perfectly legal. There are many situations where having a limited company can be advantageous.

Do be aware that some agencies are not so keen in dealing with people with their own limited company and prefer to take people on working with an umbrella company. However, for some nurses this would not seriously limit the amount of work available, so it depends on your personal circumstances and what is best for your business.

This is the kind of issue that our accountants can help you to decide, and the knowledge of our accountancy team can support you in making the right decision for you.

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Why choose AudTax?

There are many advantages to becoming a nurse, such as deciding where and when you work. Still, there are also some tricky decisions to be made too – like which company formation to choose and how to manage the administration side of your work. This is why getting good accounting support from the get-go is essential.

At AudTax, we are specialist accountants for nurses and have vast knowledge and extensive experience in the medical sector. Therefore we can offer expert advice over and above what you would get from a generalist accountant. Not only do we specialise in helping nurses save on their taxes, but we can offer guidance on limited companies, NHS pensions and financial management.

To find out more contact AudTax today!

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