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Are you a small business owner juggling multiple responsibilities, including payroll management? The AudTax team is here to offer professional guidance, help you navigate tax and payroll regulations, and process payroll to save you time, stress and money.

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When it comes to payroll, details are important, and it is a hugely complex and sometimes overwhelming task. At AudTax, we understand that for many small business owners, hiring a payroll manager in-house is out of reach. The task often falls to them, adding undue pressure to an already demanding workload.

At AudTax, our team of knowledgeable accountants is here to lighten the load. Our dedicated payroll packages are designed to relieve you of the burden and ensure that your employees are paid accurately and on time, allowing you to focus on what you do best – growing your business.

As one of our payroll clients, we will not only help you save time, we will also aim to save you money by minimising your employer tax liability. And as a result of our payroll services, we can help you to maintain a satisfied and happy team of employees who are motivated to help you deliver business goals.

So why not consider outsourcing payroll to the experts at AudTax, for the good of your business and your peace of mind? Contact us today to discuss your payroll management requirements.

How do outsourced payroll services work?

Outsourcing payroll simply means that you transfer your payroll function to an accountant or payroll provider. When you outsource to AudTax, we will assign a payroll manager from our experienced team to oversee all of your payroll requirements.

At the end of each pay period (monthly or weekly), we’ll send you a reminder and ask for your employee payment data. From there, your payroll manager will take care of processing payroll, including making the necessary calculations and deductions, generating payslips, and online filing to HMRC. We’ll let you know exactly what your employer tax liability is to help you stay on top of your accounts.

As your payroll provider, we can also take care of auto-enrolment, produce statutory forms like P45s and P60s and calculate statutory pay, such as sick pay.

At AudTax, we offer a seamless online payroll service using cloud accounting software like Xero. By combining this with Xero for bookkeeping, it delivers a highly efficient and streamlined way to manage your company’s overall finances in a single platform.

Benefits of Outsourcing Payroll

Choosing our outsourced payroll service comes with numerous benefits:

Time-saving: Outsourcing allows you to focus on running your business while we handle time-consuming payroll tasks.

Professional expertise: You will have access to an experienced and knowledgeable payroll manager at a fraction of the cost of an in-house team.

Compliance: We will ensure that you meet your PAYE obligations as an employer to ensure you stay compliant.

Tax optimisation: As part of our payroll service, the team will ensure that your business claims all applicable tax-free allowances in an effort to reduce your PAYE tax liability.

Accurate statutory payments: Our team will be responsible for calculating statutory sick pay, maternity/paternity pay, and redundancy pay to ensure your employees are compensated correctly.

Fewer errors: With our high level of expertise, the likelihood of errors is minimised, avoiding potential fines and penalties.

Cost savings: Outsourcing eliminates the need to hire dedicated payroll staff or invest in payroll software. Plus, we may also save you money by reducing your employer tax liability.

Our Outsourced Payroll Services

We offer a comprehensive range of outsourced payroll services tailored to your specific needs, including:

  • Xero payroll services (although we are also experts in other accounting software, like Sage and QuickBooks)
  • PAYE administration
  • Pay calculations (including employee/employer deductions, statutory pay and holiday pay)
  • Completion of statutory forms P35, P45, and P60
  • Customised payslips
  • Real-Time Information (RTI) filing
  • Handling HMRC queries
  • Pension auto-enrolment – in accordance with the Pensions Act 2008, we’ll manage auto-enrolment on your behalf to ensure you fulfil your obligations

Frequently asked questions about outsourced payroll

Why should I consider outsourcing my payroll?

Outsourcing payroll offers numerous benefits, including time and cost savings, improved accuracy and compliance with ever-changing tax regulations.

Is outsourcing payroll suitable for small businesses?

Yes, outsourcing payroll is suitable for businesses of all sizes. In fact, it can be particularly advantageous for small businesses as it provides access to professional payroll expertise without the need for an in-house payroll manager.

How secure is outsourcing payroll information?

As a reputable payroll service provider, AudTax uses payroll software with robust security measures in place. Xero, for example, protects confidential information using encryption, secure servers, and strict access controls.

Can outsourced payroll services handle complex payroll scenarios?

Yes, experienced payroll service providers such as AudTax are equipped to handle various payroll complexities, including multiple pay rates, benefits, bonuses, and deductions, ensuring accurate calculations and compliance.

How often will employees be paid with outsourced payroll services?

The frequency of payroll processing can be tailored to your business needs. Common pay schedules are monthly and weekly, but bi-weekly is also an option.

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At AudTax, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service to our clients. We are a knowledgeable and approachable team with a great deal of experience in managing payroll systems. Our aim is to take the pressure off of you as a small business owner and help your company thrive.

So why not choose AudTax as your trusted accounting partner and let us streamline your payroll management? When combined with our other accounts services, such as bookkeepingVATbusiness advisorytax planning and corporation tax returns, we can offer you a highly efficient financial management service to help transform your business.

Contact us today to discover how our professional payroll services can benefit your small business in this tax year and beyond.

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