VAT is one of the most complex of all areas with so many rules and exceptions. It requires meticulous planning so that you can avoid under or over payments. Audtax can help you navigate the maze to make sure you don’t overpay or underpay. There is ever increasing and changing legislation to consider and Audtax can expertly guide your business through the process.  At Audtax, we are fully up to date on all current legislations and are happy to answer your queries and help file your returns correctly.

As specialist Accountants for contractors, freelancers and small businesses we can give you full VAT assistance to ensure you stay on top of all the ever changing VAT laws and regulations.

For businesses with a turnover under £150,000 we can help you make many £1,000s extra each year by registering you on the VAT Flat Rate Scheme. Contact us now to also start saving money and making extra profit.